Deep Lymphatic Massage

The Lymph System cleanses and heals the body. Lymphatic Massage combined with Energy work help the body detoxify.

Since the Lymphatic system is the foundation of our immune system, assisting lymphatic drainage is the key to prevention of disease and rejuvenation of the body.

Each day we are faced with potentially harmful toxins, disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and even cells from our own bodies that have been transformed into cancerous invaders. Fortunately, we are protected from this staggering variety of differing biological enemies by a remarkable set of defense mechanisms. We refer to this protective "safety net" as the Immune System. Since the Lymphatic System is the foundation of our Immune System, assisting lymphatic drainage is the key to the prevention of disease and rejuvenation of the body.

Lymph is a specialized fluid formed in the tissue spaces that is transported by way of specialized lymphatic vessels to eventually reenter the circulatory system. In addition to lymph and lymphatic vessels, the lymphatic system includes lymph nodes and specialized lymphatic organs such as the thymus and the spleen.

Performing lymphatic drainage therapy contributes to the healing process of the mind and body and hastens the recovery from illness by more efficiently moving body fluids. Since the lymphatic system doesn't have a pump like the heart, it moves primarily by muscle contraction through a system of paired one-way valves in the lymphatic-vessels. To manually move lymphatic fluid, it is necessary to do pressure and squeezing of the nodes and vessels.

Our forefathers had to cut wood, carry water, plant or hunt for food- nothing like our own sedentary lifestyle. Now our lives are essentially devoid of exercise, which, when combined with greater numbers of chemical toxins and stresses, leads to more lymphatic congestion and a overwhelmed immune system. When our bodies tighten up. congestion occurs, inhibiting the release of chemical toxins. That's why so many people believe that emotional stress cause disease and cancer. All the see is the end result, not realizing that emotional stress tightens the body causing congestion, blocking lymphatic flow, and hampering the removal of carcinogens(cancer causing chemicals).


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