I have been a regular client of Raquel's for almost four (4) years now. Chronic back pain and a misaligned spine have plagued me for the last 16 years. Raquel's intuitive touch (Swedish Massage) together with combination of Raindrop technique (essential oils), and Hot Stone massage have kept my spine in balance and pain free. I fired my Chiropractor after receiving my first massage from Raquel.

Ishmael O.



I've been receiving massages from Raquel Fontes for more than 5 years. Why? Because she keeps me healthy. Before she starts her massages, she always asks me what I need: if I have been experiencing any problems or pains in my body. Then, she focuses on healing any problems I may have so, at the end of her massage, I feel renewed and relaxed. Raquel is a very generous human being and I feel truly cared for in her hands.

Maria V.



Raquel is an excellent and devoted massage therapist forever learning new information and techniques to improve her practice.

Peggy Q



Receiving massages from Raquel has been extremely beneficial to my physical and emotional health, including improved immunity, metabolism, and mood.  She is a very knowledgeable and caring practitioner.  Raquel is a true healer!  I can highly recommend her without reservation.



I had the lymphatic massage with Raquel and I can say that is one of the best massages I have made. The lymphatic  when done by a professional who understands ,really gives you  great results. Thank you, Raquel. I just love it!

Regina Demarey


Raquel Fontes, LMT

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